Strogoff Consulting is pleased to announce the addition of a team of highly-skilled specialty consultants to help your firm operate and compete in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.  Each specialty consultant brings practice management expertise working with numerous architectural, engineering and interior design firms.

Expert, cost-effective guidance.  As design professional firms respond to today's economic climate by streamlining their operations, they must continue to operate strategically, effectively and efficiently.  To help architects, engineers and other design professionals meet these challenges, Strogoff Consulting has expanded its team to provide resources, advice and guidance in areas in which firms might no longer be able to employ full-time resources.


Specialist Bios
In addition to Michael Strogoff, FAIA, who oversees all consulting advisory services, Strogoff Consulting retains the following specialty consultants:

Mary Anne McKernie

Management and Accounting Personnel Recruiter

For over 30 years, Mary Anne has increased profitability for design professionals by improving financial operations, staffing, procedures, systems and data quality.  She draws upon a background developing custom accounting software and recruiting financial and other management personnel. Her recent consulting clients have included AEC firms ranging from 5 to 300 full-time employees.

Mary Anne works with firms’ management and accounting departments to:

  • Quickly assess the level of complexity of a company’s accounting operations and recruit personnel at the appropriate skill level.  (A common scenario is under-skilled accounting staff who periodically consult an over-skilled outside accountant.  This gap is best—and more cost-effectively—bridged by recruiting more highly skilled accounting staff and infrequently consulting an outside accountant, who does not need public accounting credentials, typically only to prepare a tax return.)

  • Parse financial statements, which are often replete with misallocations, to calculate a true overhead factor.

  • Align the way projects are bid, cost-coded and tracked.

  • Design and implement simplified accounting and project profitability reports


Katie Lee
Computer Technology Consultant

Katie provides installation and expert troubleshooting on a variety of technology solutions, from web hosting, networking and e-mailing to software recommendations and installations.  Katie also advises and installs computer teleconferencing solutions.  Both on-site and remote access consulting available.